Customized Software Solutions

With the advent of the Software and Information Technologies, Software development has rapidly taken this world into its revolution. The advantages these technologies provide are proven footprints that they leave behind for lifetimes. A software solution provides an organization, a business setup and even individuals, to streamline their workflow into a paperless, time-saving, stable, efficient, automated and managed infrastructure. Software application adds stability and efficiency to the organization’s process control and flow. This is the reason why many organizations, govt. bodies and business setups are rapidly hiring software firms to develop and integrate a solution that could be streamlined into their traditional infrastructure to introduce more stability and efficiency.

Offshore Software Development

Ever since the evolution of the Information Technology, more and more businesses are converting their workflows from conventional paperwork to advanced paperless digital processing through Software. In recent years, many Software firms have come up with the software solutions for such organizations. Developing software In-house is an expensive program that requires specialized and skilled manpower, time, training and extensive experience. Above all, streamlining the developed software with the conventional system is also a tedious job and requires expert consultancy and training.

Industry Specific Software Solutions

While new technology is a means to revolutionize business strategies, Industry specific customized applications are organizations lifeblood. These specialized, industry specific softwares manage critical data and processes, and they demand vigilant maintenance, support and enhancement to keep pace with the needs.

1. Retail Business.
2. Financial Services.
3. Hotel Industry.
4. Manufacturing industry.
5. Hospital Management.

Client/Server Application Development

Conjoinix with its strong emphasis on highly optimized Database Management, have extensive experience in Client/Server solutions. Conjoinix can implement and deliver custom Two-tier or Three-tier and Distributed solutions for organizations seeking Client/Server based enterprise solutions.

1. Intelligent and User Friendly Client Stations.
2. Robust and highly Scalable Server Application.
3. Database Management and Optimization.
4. Component based middleware Development.
5. 24X7 Support systems.

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce is among the biggest Technology buzzword today. With more and more organizations striving to enter into online transaction business, it is no longer a reserved solutions solely for those with high budgets and high programming expertise.

1. Internet Consumer Portals.
2. Business to business (B2B) eCommerce Solutions.
3. Business to consumer (B2C) eCommerce Solutions.
4. SSL Integration.
5. Intranet/Extranet eCommerce Solutions.

Web Application Development

Web Application Development requires a proper scientific approach to materialize a strategy to link directly the suppliers, factories, employees, distributors, customers, etc. of an organization to minimize time-consuming & tedious tasks.

1. Dynamic Websites.
2. Corporate Portals.
3. Community Solutions like Discussion Forums, Message Boards, Chat, etc.
4. Document / Data Management Solutions.
5. E-learning Solutions.
6. Interactive websites.
7. E-conferencing Solutions.
8. Intranet/Extranet Solutions.
9. Customer Support solutions.
10. Project Management Solutions.
11. Process Flow Management.

Web Designing

Website could mean a lot of different things to an organization: creating an online graphic identity or implementing your marketing content into a website or bringing up an interface for clients/customers/end-users to your corporate common platform or just an internet existence.

1. Web Designing.
2. Graphics Art Designing services.
3. Flash Animation Development.
4. Web Template Designing.
5. Corporate Branding.

Domain Registration

Domain Registration is the First and the foremost step in establishing an online presence. Getting a right domain name that best suits your company ethics is the prime requirement of any organization that is stepping onto Internet existence.

1. Free URL Forwarding.
2. Free Domain Parking.
3. Free NS (Name Server) change.
4. Free Mail Server Pointing.
5. Free Domain Pointing.
6. Free Handle Changes.
7. Free Consultancy for Domain Registration and Website.
8. Discount on Web Hosting Packages.

Web Hosting Solutions

With the increasing popularity of establishing an online presence, more and more organizations and individuals are striving to hire IT firms to deliver high speed & response, reliable, scalable and robust Hosting Solutions.

Web Promotion Solutions

Building and hosting the website is not the final solution to digital advertisement of an organization. One thinks that just buying an attractive domain name, building up a comprehensive & attractive website and then hosting that website on a good server, will bring up enormous amount of user traffic to your website.

eCRM Solutions

Customer is an Asset to an organization. Maintaining a customer bound with an organization for years & years and maintaining such relationship through those years is an achievement.

Multimedia Presentations

With the advent of Multimedia Technology, more and more organizations are striving to develop their presentations, advertisements, product brochures and even demos through the use of Multimedia. With the quality and output, Multimedia technology provides is unmatchable.

Audio & Video Media Streaming

With the latest in technology, streaming has over the years develop its own set of digital experiences. May it be offline or online streaming, each has its own advantages and applications.

Tele Conferencing

In this modern digital world, with the help of strong Network backbones, Tele-conferencing has come up with new highly advanced solutions for digital communication.

Our professional experts will tailor your problem and provide you with technical material, alike case studies and unique consultancy solutions. Conjoinix provide consultancy for almost every Software and IT needs including:
1. Software Implementation
2. Network Infrastructure (LAN/WAN)
3. Office Automation
4. HR / Recruitment

Technically, it is a system or group of systems that enforces an access control policy between two or more networks.

The Internet, like any other society, is plagued with the kind of high-tech mischieves who enjoy playing with other people’s computers/networks, peeping into their PCs/Servers, or wipping their mailboxes off, or hacking their important data/code, or just sitting in their network creating havoc. Moreover, with more people shifting to DSL/CableNet, these always-on connections make networks more vulnerable to attack. Some people try to get real work done over the Internet, and others have sensitive or proprietary data they must protect. Usually, a firewall’s purpose is to keep the hackers out of your network while still letting you get your job done. While, the job of the Firewall is to Protect & Guard your network, you concentrate on your business.

Do you require Firewall ?

If you are doing any of :

– Software/Code Development
– Web, Ftp or Email Hosting
– Use Public/Live IPs on your LAN/Server Zone
– Archieve/Store any vital Data on your Internal network
– Run Databases or ERP in your organization
– Require to Restrict/Allow access to resources from Internet to your Office or Vice-versa.

What is Anti-Virus ?

XSGateway offers centralized management, reduces the technical and manpower requirement, while offering seamless and comprehensive threat protection to the enterprise.

What is Anti-Spam ?

E-mail has become the subject of much abuse, in the form of spamming and e-mail worm programs. Both flood the in-boxes of E-mail users with junk E-mails, wasting their time and money, and often carrying offensive, fraudulent, or damaging content.

The continuing increase in spam has resulted in rapid growth in the number of people using e-mail filtering programs, in other words software that examines incoming email and separates spam from genuine email messages (also called ham). Unwanted e-mail can be filtered in this way at the desktop level (the individual user’s computer) or before, for example at the network email server/email gateway or the Internet service provider’s e-mail gateway. While network managers and ISPs can choose hardened email security appliances or e-mail filtering services or software designed to block or filter out both spam and viruses, desktop users are frequently limited to a software-based solution.