Solution Framework

Conjoinix acquires Microsoft Solutions Framework as a base to develop every business solution:


During this stage, we define the strategy, initiatives and the intended results of the project. This stage has two phases: Envision-Strategy and Envision-Technical.


During this stage, we scope and design the business systems and supporting software, network, hardware and infrastructure needed for the project. The Planning stage has two phases: Planning-Scope and Planning-Design.


During this stage, through a series of iterations, we develop and deliver business applications and infrastructure. This stage has three phases: Developing-Detailed Design, Developing-Implement and Developing-Test.


This is the final stage where testing is performed and the team turns over the product to the operations and support teams. From the beginning of an engagement with a client, we do more than define business solutions for today – we also lay out the framework for those solutions to bring new and innovative capabilities to the client. This framework for continuing interaction and innovation is called Stabilizing and is delivered through two key services: business management and solution management.