Technically, it is a system or group of systems that enforces an access control policy between two or more networks.

The Internet, like any other society, is plagued with the kind of high-tech mischieves who enjoy playing with other people’s computers/networks, peeping into their PCs/Servers, or wipping their mailboxes off, or hacking their important data/code, or just sitting in their network creating havoc. Moreover, with more people shifting to DSL/CableNet, these always-on connections make networks more vulnerable to attack. Some people try to get real work done over the Internet, and others have sensitive or proprietary data they must protect. Usually, a firewall’s purpose is to keep the hackers out of your network while still letting you get your job done. While, the job of the Firewall is to Protect & Guard your network, you concentrate on your business.

Do you require Firewall ?

If you are doing any of :

– Software/Code Development
– Web, Ftp or Email Hosting
– Use Public/Live IPs on your LAN/Server Zone
– Archieve/Store any vital Data on your Internal network
– Run Databases or ERP in your organization
– Require to Restrict/Allow access to resources from Internet to your Office or Vice-versa.

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