iMailXS+ is an extremely Advanced Business Email solution by Conjoinix, offering numerous Unique features & used Worldwide by many organisations.


iMailXS+ comes with a very rich & powerful set of features making it the most powerful & comprehensive Cloud based Business Email solution available in the market

Unlimited Mailboxes

Create UNLIMITED mailboxes per domain. The administrative control panel provides the server administrator to manage and control the amount of email boxes to be provided to each Email (MX) domain.

Customized Mailbox Sizes

The iMailXS+provides the facility to allow the administrators of the domain to customise the size of mailbox and mail size allowed. Each user@domain can be customised according to requirement.


An advanced anti-virus system protects iMailXS Business Email Accounts from Viruses. The Anti-virus is capable of handling deadly viruses and blackhole them, when it catches them.