Customized Software Solutions

With the advent of the Software and Information Technologies, Software development has rapidly taken this world into its revolution. The advantages these technologies provide are proven footprints that they leave behind for lifetimes. A software solution provides an organization, a business setup and even individuals, to streamline their workflow into a paperless, time-saving, stable, efficient, automated and managed infrastructure. Software application adds stability and efficiency to the organization’s process control and flow. This is the reason why many organizations, govt. bodies and business setups are rapidly hiring software firms to develop and integrate a solution that could be streamlined into their traditional infrastructure to introduce more stability and efficiency.

Every business strives to be different from the others, even their competitor’s and so are their software solutions.

But, due to fear of complexity and cost-inefficiency brought up in designing and implementing such a solution, many companies fall into unfavorable pitfalls, while others look for extremely cheaper solutions without taking the Quality factor into consideration.

Developing a Customized Software solution is an Art of its own and needs a cyclic thought process before and during the development and implementation of the solution. To add to the responsibilities, developing and maintaining a Lifetime relationship with the customer is a must.

Offshore Software Development

Ever since the evolution of the Information Technology, more and more businesses are converting their workflows from conventional paperwork to advanced paperless digital processing through Software. In recent years, many Software firms have come up with the software solutions for such organizations. Developing software In-house is an expensive program that requires specialized and skilled manpower, time, training and extensive experience. Above all, streamlining the developed software with the conventional system is also a tedious job and requires expert consultancy and training.

Software Development being a highly technical job involves highly experience and trained professionals, whose cost to the organization is expensive. Since last few years, Outsourcing is buzzword that has come up with a remedy to every organization for whom software development and technology is fleeting and HR is expensive.

Outsourcing is a primary means of leveraging an organization’s resources and introducing new skills and expertise. Software Outsourcing is a very cost-effective alternative to develop and implement software and streamline the organization’s workflow without having to introduce the difficulties involved in In-house software development. This enables organizations to maximize the time to market the product, rather than develop the software bearing high cost to code.

Offshore/Remote software development and programming safeguards the organization’s business strategy and intellectual property with very high levels of security. Offshore development provides the organization with immediate, short or long-term access to broad range of specialized technical skills. Organizations focus on their critical works while outsourcing software firm to develop and implement technology at a very low cost and higher efficiency.

Industry Specific Software Solutions

While new technology is a means to revolutionize business strategies, Industry specific customized applications are organizations lifeblood. These specialized, industry specific softwares manage critical data and processes, and they demand vigilant maintenance, support and enhancement to keep pace with the needs.

Conjoinix have developed mission-critical applications for businesses under various categories. Among the solutions, Conjoinix acquire multi-dimentional capabilities to provide solutions for:

1. Retail Business.
2. Financial Services.
3. Hotel Industry.
4. Manufacturing industry.
5. Hospital Management.

Client/Server Application Development

Conjoinix with its strong emphasis on highly optimized Database Management, have extensive experience in Client/Server solutions. Conjoinix can implement and deliver custom Two-tier or Three-tier and Distributed solutions for organizations seeking Client/Server based enterprise solutions.

Spanning areas of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Conjoinix specialize in Client/Server Technologies and deliver inimitable solutions from concept to completion across Multi platforms and languages.

Conjoinix has expertise in successfully implementing solutions for a great variety of solutions with focus on:

1. Intelligent and User Friendly Client Stations.
2. Robust and highly Scalable Server Application.
3. Database Management and Optimization.
4. Component based middleware Development.
5. 24X7 Support systems.