eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce is among the biggest Technology buzzword today. With more and more organizations striving to enter into online transaction business, it is no longer a reserved solutions solely for those with high budgets and high programming expertise.

Conjoinix offers turnkey eCommerce solutions through a structured methodology to streamline and accelerate the process of conceptualizing, planning, and implementing so that the customers can quickly increase their revenue and significantly improve customer service.

Our experienced people have handled diverse eCommerce projects that also integrate into the client’s customer service and Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions.

Conjoinix can design, develop and implement any kind of eCommerce solution that best suit your requirement including:

1. Internet Consumer Portals.
2. Business to business (B2B) eCommerce Solutions.
3. Business to consumer (B2C) eCommerce Solutions.
4. SSL Integration.
5. Intranet/Extranet eCommerce Solutions.

Web Application Development

Web Application Development requires a proper scientific approach to materialize a strategy to link directly the suppliers, factories, employees, distributors, customers, etc. of an organization to minimize time-consuming & tedious tasks.

Conjoinix with its commitment to Research & Development on emerging technologies, have proven experience in developing simplex to complex database-driven web-based application solutions.

Conjoinix offer fully customized Web Development Solutions for organizations and individuals, so they can be assured of a relevant, easy-to-use site that reflects their reputation and image.
Conjoinix offers matchless solutions mainly focusing on the following:

1. Dynamic Websites.
2. Corporate Portals.
3. Community Solutions like Discussion Forums, Message Boards, Chat, etc.
4. Document / Data Management Solutions.
5. E-learning Solutions.
6. Interactive websites.
7. E-conferencing Solutions.
8. Intranet/Extranet Solutions.
9. Customer Support solutions.
10. Project Management Solutions.
11. Process Flow Management.

Web Designing

Website could mean a lot of different things to an organization: creating an online graphic identity or implementing your marketing content into a website or bringing up an interface for clients/customers/end-users to your corporate common platform or just an internet existence.

Website Designing is a combination of specialized Graphics Art, Digital Image Processing, Content Management and Designing. It needs specialized people who not just have Web Designing expertise, but also have outstanding graphic presentation of content.

A Website should be fast-loading, easy-to-use and regularly updated. A website can be continually updated thereby offering great capability for future enhancements and design expansion.

Conjoinix has a specialized team of Web and Graphical Designers who can design pleasing websites for small to big businesses and individuals at a comparatively low and reasonable price, well within your pockets.

Website Design services offered by Conjoinix include:

1. Web Designing.
2. Graphics Art Designing services.
3. Flash Animation Development.
4. Web Template Designing.
5. Corporate Branding.

Domain Registration

Domain Registration is the First and the foremost step in establishing an online presence. Getting a right domain name that best suits your company ethics is the prime requirement of any organization that is stepping onto Internet existence.

Getting a domain name is not much of a difficult task these days. With over 15,000 domain names being registered daily, there are many providers in the market who can provide an organization and even individual with the Domain Registration service.

But, just buying a domain name is not the end of the services that can be provided in connection with the Domain Registration. Maintaining the domain and providing value-added services to the domain registration is what Conjoinix can provide organizations and individuals with.

Conjoinix offer Domain Registration with value-added services at very economic and cost-effective prices. Value-added features offered by Conjoinix include:

1. Free URL Forwarding.
2. Free Domain Parking.
3. Free NS (Name Server) change.
4. Free Mail Server Pointing.
5. Free Domain Pointing.
6. Free Handle Changes.
7. Free Consultancy for Domain Registration and Website.
8. Discount on Web Hosting Packages.

Web Hosting Solutions

With the increasing popularity of establishing an online presence, more and more organizations and individuals are striving to hire IT firms to deliver high speed & response, reliable, scalable and robust Hosting Solutions.

Conjoinix with its versatile Server solutions provide organizations and even individuals with the best in Web Hosting Solutions. Conjoinix offers cost-efficient Hosting plans with all resources required to host high-traffic, small-to-large, web solutions. Conjoinix host sites on highly robust Linux and Windows 2000 environment designed to provide maximum uptime, throughput, performance and security.

Web Promotion Solutions

Building and hosting the website is not the final solution to digital advertisement of an organization. One thinks that just buying an attractive domain name, building up a comprehensive & attractive website and then hosting that website on a good server, will bring up enormous amount of user traffic to your website.

But, this is among the biggest fallacies which many organizations and individuals fall into. The fastest and most productive procedure to attract customers to the site is to promote or market the site.

Conjoinix provide comprehensive and very economical web promotion packages to help organizations and individuals to promote their business and existence on the net. Conjoinix provide continued promotions offline as well as online to help you deliver your site content to the most popular and comprehensive search engines of the world.

Conjoinix provide specialized packages to best suit organization’s or individual’s needs and budget. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

eCRM Solutions

Customer is an Asset to an organization. Maintaining a customer bound with an organization for years & years and maintaining such relationship through those years is an achievement.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, though its definition is very simple and easy to understand, CRM is among the toughest job. With many organizations digitizing their CRM departments, many eCRM solutions have come up for organizations at different levels and with different budgets.

Conjoinix provide eCRM solutions from less-sophisticated for mid-sized companies to highly customizable, scalable, sophisticated and heavily intelligent eCRM solutions for Large organizations.

Conjoinix, with its uniquely tailored eCRM development tools and process methodology, provide comprehensive CRM business solutions for organizations seeking CRM through digital technology.

Multimedia Presentations

With the advent of Multimedia Technology, more and more organizations are striving to develop their presentations, advertisements, product brochures and even demos through the use of Multimedia. With the quality and output, Multimedia technology provides is unmatchable.

Conjoinix provide Multimedia solutions for organizations and individuals looking to develop cost-effective, best quality and most presentable multimedia apps like presentations, advertisements, training guides, product demos and even digital product brochures.