Audio & Video Media Streaming

With the latest in technology, streaming has over the years develop its own set of digital experiences. May it be offline or online streaming, each has its own advantages and applications.

May it be radio station, streaming audio songs or may it be a audio streaming of a live event, may it be streaming of a recorded movie or audio-video streaming a live event, Conjoinix with its versatile and highly technical experience and techniques provide audio & video streaming consultancy and services to organizations seeking digital streaming.

Tele Conferencing

In this modern digital world, with the help of strong Network backbones, Tele-conferencing has come up with new highly advanced solutions for digital communication.

Conjoinix with its strong network backbone can provide organizations Tele-conferencing consultancy and solutions. Conjoinix has quality experienced engineers & experts that can tailor Tele-conferencing to best suit your needs and budget.