Anti-virus & Anti-spam

What is Anti-Virus ?
XSGateway offers centralized management, reduces the technical and manpower requirement, while offering seamless and comprehensive threat protection to the enterprise.

What is Anti-Spam ?

E-mail has become the subject of much abuse, in the form of spamming and e-mail worm programs. Both flood the in-boxes of E-mail users with junk E-mails, wasting their time and money, and often carrying offensive, fraudulent, or damaging content.

The continuing increase in spam has resulted in rapid growth in the number of people using e-mail filtering programs, in other words software that examines incoming email and separates spam from genuine email messages (also called ham). Unwanted e-mail can be filtered in this way at the desktop level (the individual user’s computer) or before, for example at the network email server/email gateway or the Internet service provider’s e-mail gateway. While network managers and ISPs can choose hardened email security appliances or e-mail filtering services or software designed to block or filter out both spam and viruses, desktop users are frequently limited to a software-based solution.

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